Longhorns, Buffalo, Exotic Deer, Oh My!

Enchanted Springs Ranch is a unique Texas Hill Country experience. Part of what makes this ranch so special is the animals that call this place their home. Read about each species and hear their stories!

Here at Enchanted Springs Ranch, there are a variety of furry friends that enjoy grazing on the pastures of the 86-acre ranch. Meeting the animals on the ranch is a unique experience that allows guests to connect with nature up close and personal. The ranch is home to longhorns, buffalo, Oryx Deer, Blackbucks, Père David’s Deer, a llama, an alpaca, White Tail Deer, Axis Deer, Chinese Geese, a variety of fish and Wild Turkeys! The animals flourish in the lush pasture, shaded oak trees and beautiful streams.

One of the many ranch activities is a tractor wagon ride in the back to view the exotic animals. The animals get very excited when they see the tractor coming! They know this means two things: Visitors and snacks. Make sure to bring your camera on the wagon, as you won’t want to miss the photo opportunities! The wagon cruises around the back pasture while visitors learn about the different types of animals that live on the ranch.

The ranch is a safe haven for these animals and they are truly a part of the ESR family. Some of the species living here are endangered, so Enchanted Springs helps offer these animals a safe environment where they can flourish and multiply.

The Longhorns: There are many staples that define Texas and wildlife is definitely one of those. There is arguably nothing more symbolic of Texas than a Texas longhorn. A longhorn is a special type of cattle with a lot of rich history originating in Texas. At one point in history, longhorns came close to extinction. With the help of our federal government longhorn preservationists have helped the Texas longhorn endure, which is a great part of American heritage. The longhorns are quite large animals weighing anywhere from 1000-2200 pounds. The horns continuously grow throughout their life and every pair of horns is unique in its design. Here on the ranch, we have fourteen longhorns. Three of our longhorns are pregnant and will be delivering their babies around October or November! We are excited to grow our longhorn family even more.

The Buffalo: The American Bison are more commonly known as the buffalo. These majestic animals were near extinction at one point but their conservation status is now near threatened with a stable population. They are unique creatures that love interaction with other animals. They have small horns and long tongues. The bison have a docile personality. There are four bison that live on the ranch. Several of these animals were born on the ranch! Enjoy the photos below of the majestic buffalo.

Buffalo at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Oryx Deer: The Oryx is a type of African deer that is closely related to the antelope. The Oryx has long horns that curve backwards. The Oryx was saved from extinction through another conservation program. The Oryx weighs anywhere from 300-500 pounds. Below is a photo of the Oryx at Enchanted Springs Ranch!

Oryx at Enchanted Springs Ranch

The Blackbuck: The blackbuck is a type of Indian deer that is also closely related to the antelope. The blackbuck travels in groups. These little deer prance around the pasture in a hopping motion. These animals can weigh anywhere from 40-130 pounds. There are ten blackbucks that call ESR their home. They are beautiful animals, as you’ll see in the photo below!

Blackbucks at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Père David’s Deer: These Chinese deer have characteristics very similar to those of a moose. They have a large body with big horns. They love to go in the water! They can actually hold their breath under water. These deer usually weigh around 300-400 pounds. There are seven Père David’s Deer that live on the ranch. The deer are unique and definitely a sight to see!

Llama & Alpaca: The llama is considered domesticated. This intelligent animal can actually learn different commands! The alpaca is smaller than a llama, but has very similar features. Both of these animals originated from South American and are often mistaken for one another. Both animals have long necks and big teeth. The llama and alpaca at the ranch love to hang out together! They just recently got a haircut to keep cool for the warm summer months.

White Tail Deer & Axis deer: The ranch is home to about thirty white tail deer. Some of these deer have lived here their whole lives and were even bottle fed on the ranch. They are so comfortable with some of the ESR staff that they will actually eat out of your hand. The white tail deer is another staple of Texas, they are everywhere! A lot of the momma deer on the ranch have begun giving birth to babies this season! Similar to the white tail deer, there are also axis deer on the ranch. These deer feature white dots on their bodies.

Chinese Geese: There are several Chinese geese that have decided to make Enchanted Springs Ranch their home. These geese have very pretty markings. They enjoy splashing in the various lakes, streams and ponds on Enchanted Springs Ranch!

Geese at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Wild Turkey: The wild turkey like to hang out on the ranch periodically. There have been flocks as big as thirty spotted on the ranch! They travel in a group, visit and move around. These birds are very large and have beautiful feathers.

Wild Turkey at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Various Fish: There are two large lakes on the property that are home to a variety of fish. In the back pasture, there are enormous catfish that live in the lake. There is specific catfish food we bring back there and they go crazy for it! It is so neat to see that catfish splash around while eating. They are huge!

Catfish at Enchanted Springs Ranch

When planning your private event at Enchanted Springs Ranch, make sure to add on the tractor wagon ride! Your guests will enjoy a ride through the hill country and love the experience of getting to see so many amazing animals up close!